Not only does swimming produce excellence in individuals, it is without question an activity that builds healthy community in our neighborhoods and our city. Weekly, through the majority of the summer, hundreds of swimmers and their families leave the privacy of their homes to gather at neighborhood pools across Huntsville. Upwards of 1,000 parents work together through the Rocket City Swim League to ensure 18 teams have a fun, healthy, competitive swim meet at each of the community’s pools. 

But much more than swimming occurs at these positive events. The incredibly charged and interactive atmosphere surrounding these events inevitably produces life-long friendships of all ages each season. Each summer, these new relationships are celebrated as over 1,000 swimmers and their families gather at the aquatic center for the city meet. The new center will allow for the expansion of this community building activity and HSA will continue to promote and support summer swimming for Huntsville.  

The Showers team is standing up in phases based on the level of interest and volunteer support from the surrounding community. In phase one, we are providing free introductory training and gear to 33 children at the Showers Center Pool and have partnered 7 interested capable swimmers with an existing Rocket City Swim League Team (the Mt. Carmel Hammerheads). The Hammerheads have volunteered to act as a mentor team for the Showers Center team.

In phase two,  if there are enough swimmers but not enough volunteers to support swim meets, we may stand up a Rocket City Swim League team and seek permission to only compete at “away” events with one exception. The Showers pool is a great location for a meet and having an away team manage meets there will bring visibility / awareness to the sport in the area for future years / phases. 

Using the summer team as a stepping stone, swimmers who desire to participate in year round swimming will submit applications for HSA Swim for Success scholarships and once selected will receive the necessary support to include transportation, equipment, and an adult sponsor couple when needed. 

B U I L D I N G   C O M M U N I T Y

Mt. Carmel RCSL 
Swim Team
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