B U I L D I N G   C O M M U N I T Y

PARTNER WITH US to build community in both North Huntsville and underserved areas in our city by expanding one of Huntsville's most beloved traditions - summer swimming and the Annual City Swim Meet!    

​HSA, with the support of our partners, started the foundation for a summer swim team in North Huntsville at the Dr. Richard Showers Center. The three primary goals of the team are to introduce interested children and youth to competitive swimming and its associated benefits, build community in the surrounding area, and create a stepping stone scholarship program for new swimmers to participate in year round competitive swimming through the Huntsville Swim Association. 

June 2016

Established 50 swimmer pilot team in North Huntsville 

Supported summer / high school swimming

Serve the USA Swimming community by serving as General Chair, Athlete Representative, and National Committee Member ​