F U E L I N G   C H A N G E 
HSA, with the support of the City has partnered with the Showers Recreation Center, the Mt. Carmel Hammerheads (a team from the Rocket City Swim League), Compass Life, and local businesses to start a swim team program in North Huntsville.

The three primary goals are to introduce interested children and teens to competitive swimming and its associated benefits, build community in the surrounding area, and create a stepping stone program for new swimmers to participate in year-round competitive swimming. 

In phase one, we are providing no cost introductory training at the Showers Pool and have partnered interested capable swimmers with a mentor / Rocket City Swim League Team for the summer season. Team, equipment, coaching and lifeguard fees are funding through Compass Life, HSA, and our partners. Your contributions are necessary to sustain this effort for any length of time. 

Using the summer team as a stepping stone, swimmers who desire to participate in year round swimming will submit applications for Swim 4 Success scholarships and once selected will receive the necessary support to include transportation, equipment, and an adult sponsor couple if needed. 
There is a rapidly expanding national effort to provide access to swimming and its associated benefits to the under-served children and teens in our local communities. HSA began moving this direction in 2014 by providing swim lessons to children from the Inner City Learning Center. The success of our free lesson program to under-served children led us to explore opportunities to greatly expand our outreach efforts especially as we systematically evaluated the positive influence swimming has on communities across our nation.  

There is also a growing community of physically challenged youth who are just now being introduced to the excitement and benefits of competitive swimming through the Rocket City Swim League summer program. The Huntsville Aquatic Center's dedicated therapy pool will expand our ability to provide water safety and instruction to this eager group of future athletes. In line with USA Swimming’s newly founded “Children with Challenges” Program, HSA coaches will receive certification to work with children facing the following challenges: Physical, Orthopedic, Intellectual, Cognitive Developmental Delay, Emotional/Behavioral, Learning and Procession, and Sensory Challenges.


Competitive swimming produces 
lifelong skills which include:

    Continual Self-Improvement 
Personal Responsibility
Time Management 
Perseverance & Dedication 
Resilience & Excellence 
Goal Setting & Problem Solving
Social Interaction & Team Building 
Attention to Detail