F U E L I N G   C H A N G E

See video testimony from the Director of The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center describing 1st year experience with our growing outreach program.

JOIN US as we continue to extend the "life changing" benefits of instructional and competitive swimming to underserved children in our community.  

HSA continues to provide free swim lessons to children from the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center and through the Swim 4 Success program, with your support, we will introduce them to the byproducts and benefits of competitive swimming through our newly formed team at the Showers Center.  This will create the necessary stepping stone program for these children to participate in year round competitive swimming through HSA.

Contributions fund HSA’s Sea Dragon 50 member team. 

In 2017, Six Sea Dragons received scholarships to swim on a RCSL mentor team with four participating in City Meet. 

Two to three swimmers will receive HSA scholarships in both 2017 & 2018.