Caleb, Riley, and Samantha are typical teenagers growing up in the rapidly expanding swim community of Huntsville, Alabama. They have played multiple sports gravitating to competitive swimming at an early age. Competing locally and regionally for several years now, they show the potential to achieve national level success following the lead of many of their peers.  

Like their peers, they have adopted the work ethic and character required of a competitive swimmer. Swimming has produced a habitual drive for self-improvement that has extended far beyond the pool. Like the majority of their peers, they hold 4.0 GPA’s in school and it is not uncommon to “catch” them up after midnight working on their assignments.  

P R O D U C I N G   E X C E L L E N C E 
When not in the pool, you will find them coaching summer swim teams, mentoring challenged children, serving at the local homeless shelter, playing in a worship band, running triathlons, and helping collect clothes for under-served people around the world. Each year, Caleb, Riley, and Samantha watch the “senior swimmers” celebrated for their character, their swimming and academic successes, and for their contribution to the community as a whole as they head off to college. Like them, each graduate has gained life-skills... 

Continual Self-Improvement, Personal Responsibility, Time Management, Perseverance, Dedication, Resilience, Excellence, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Team Building, and Attention to Detail

...that extend far beyond the pool into the home, classroom, our communities, and the work place!

54 -95
518 Athletes
40 athletes
Level 3
Bronze Medal
Set 49.5% since 2010
14 (at least 4 more this year)
100 Swimmers at Spring and Summer Southeasterns
80% Retention Rates
Grow to 600 athletes
Grow Masters program to 100 athletes
Have 25 NCSA Junior National Qualifiers 
Have 20 USAS Junior National Qualifiers 
Have 10 USAS Senior National Qualifiers (including alumni)
Have 10 US Olympic Trial Qualifiers (including alumni)
Top 1 at Southeasterns 
Top 1 in Virtual Club Championships for Southeastern LSC
Reach Level 4 in Club Recognition Program
Reach Silver Medal in Club Excellence Program
Set 75% of Team Records in next 8 year span
25 College Swimmers

2016-17      2018      2019