P R O D U C I N G   E X C E L L E N C E 
CONTRIBUTE TO the renovation and sustainment of the City's natatorium and help create THE premiere aquatic center in the Southeast.  This will double the community's capacity to produce excellence in Huntsville's swimmers, empowering them with life skills that extend far beyond the pool. 

The completed center is already attracting regional and national events contributing to Huntsville's economic growth. Adding one regional and one national event to the center’s schedule is estimated to bring $3-4 million in additional revenue to the city each year.       


Presented $50,000 to the city October 2017 for the renovation of the Andrew Lewis Legacy Pool and provided an LCD in the lobby to improve team communications. 

Ran regional dual pool meet producing $1.5M for local businesses in Aug 17 - Will run next regional meet in Feb 18.