S A V I N G   L I V E S 

HELP US defeat drowning in our community!!

All too often, local headlines are reporting another loss of a Madison County child through drowning. Drowning is the second-leading cause of injury-related death in Alabama and the U.S. for children ages one to fourteen.

Unfortunately, Alabama’s drowning rate exceeds the national average! According to national studies, for each child who drowns, five others have a non-fatal drowning experience, and children who live in rural areas are at a higher risk. African American children drown at rate 3.2 times higher than other children in our country.  

Alabama Public Health, http://adph.org/injuryprevention/
Adequate training can greatly reduce drownings and enable all children to enjoy water and waterside activities with confidence. 

HSA's Swim For Success programs provide space limited swim lessons and water safety training to underserved populations in Huntsville at no cost. We will greatly expand this effort given your support of the Swim for Success Capital Campaign. 

Your giving ensured 60 Children from the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center and 50 plus children from the Sea Dragons learned to swim over the last two years.  

We are adding children from Lincoln Village to the program in the summer of 2018