THE NEW AQUATICS CENTER has greatly expanded our ability to produce excellence through swimming. Adding the additional pool eliminates the number one limitation to our current swimmer’s success – lane space. The core team has grown by 30% (from 400 to 520 swimmers), since construction began. We also expect to see the number of athletes competing at the national level increase significantly as well. The center now complete, aquatic activities and programs are only limited by one’s imagination. In addition to the Swim for Success program, the new center is positioned to support:

HSA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is poised to harness the potential of the Huntsville Aquatic Center and extend its range of programs and services to face many of the expanding needs and challenges facing our community. A successful capital campaign and completion of the facility will not only allow the provision of these services, but also allow us to host regional and national events, bringing economic gain and expanded awareness to our community. Adding one regional and one national event to the center’s schedule is estimated to bring $3-4 million in additional revenue to the city each year. The total increased foot traffic will range from 2,400 to 2,800 people from around the nation per event. 

T H E   N E W   A Q U A T I C S   C E N T E R

Adult Swim Lessons
Aquatic Therapy for the injured, disabled, & elderly 
Swim-a-thons for community fund-raising needs
CPR & Lifeguard certification and training
Fire & Rescue certification and training
Water safety and education programs
Triathlete swimming and training 
Medical conferences & seminars 
Infant swim classes
Water aerobics